WA kyouto omiyage(gift) added news No.1

Thank you for many people coming to our event "WA kyouto".
18 stores participate under the theme of "WA(traditional Japanese style)"and" Kyoto ".
There are many items along the theme, exclusive items,new works etc. at the venue.
Half time left WA kyouto.
Many shops sales additional more products.
It is the introduction of added kanji chokers.
The kind of kanji chokers are...
Other than "侍 samurai" which I wore with a photo,
"大 dai","芸者 geisha","着物 kimono",
"舞妓 maiko","都 miyako","和 wa"
And "大和 yamato" which I wear with the next photo.
Many kinds were added to a new gift!
I wear black tops with a photo so that a choker is easy to see,
It seems like fun at one point when you wear your fashion 
and colorful like Harajuku Girl is combined it.
Other than a gift added newly this time, there is the gift from event opening.
Please looking around with each booth.

"WA kyouto"
June 1st - June 30th 0:00a.m. 2013(SLT)
Please walk straight from the landing point.
The gate is a teleporter. 
Please use it and TP to the venue.

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