poche WA kyouto

Thank you for many people coming to our event "WA kyouto".
18 stores participate under the theme of "WA(traditional Japanese style)"and" Kyoto ".
There are many items along the theme, exclusive items,new works etc. at the venue.
There may be shops selling more products.
Please visit our event again and again! 
I introduce the booth of poche today.
poche sells cool dessert.
It is the set of all three types of kudzu Manju,
kudzu Manju included watermelon and Goldfish Yokan.
All kinds of you will receive a fork and dessert in touched.
There are pleasure to not only decorate.
They are Japanese sweet mouthwatering as smoothly. 
Other products is Obanzai set of Kyoto.
stewed eggplants,stewed komatsuna(a leafy green vegetable),
Koyadofu(freeze-dried tofu) covered with barely egg ,
Stewed pumpkin with ground pork,
Stew of cubed pork(kakuni) and Japanese radish.
These are really gorgeous meals.
Touching them, small dish and chopstics will be delivered.
Every Obanzai is appetizing.
I put the sample of the Obanzai in the teahouse(landing point).
Please check with them!

"WA kyouto"
June 1st - June 30th 0:00a.m. 2013(SLT)
Please walk straight from the landing point.
The gate is a teleporter. 
Please use it and TP to the venue.

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