::kDm:: product was added WA kyouto

Thank you for many people coming to our event "WA kyouto".
18 stores participate under the theme of "WA(traditional Japanese style)"and" Kyoto ".
There are many items along the theme, exclusive items,new works etc. at the venue.
This event was passed halftime. 
A lot of shops added new products.
Please visit our event again and again! 
::kDm:: products have been added.
The furoshiki-shaped necklace was added as a LB item.
It is seven minutes cycle.
It is the furoshiki which light blue ichimatsu-pattern have a cute.
This shop sells a prize when you cannot get it.
New pattern of long skirt has also been added.
The skirt of vermilion karakusa-pattern on the right side also 7 minute cycle in LB item.
Please check with them also flower pattern skirt latest work.
Furoshiki pendant Gacha are also sold in added.
Please check them.

"WA kyouto"
June 1st - June 30th 0:00a.m. 2013(SLT)
Please walk straight from the landing point.
The gate is a teleporter. 
Please use it and TP to the venue.

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